About POA

Psychosocial Oncology Association (POA) was created on May in 2007. The group of psychiatrists, clinical psychologist and social workers working in the field of oncology initiated foundation of the association. This association was created in response to insufficient psycho-oncological treatment, lack of psychological, social and spiritual problems’ solving of cancer patients and their families.
POA has been recognized by our national governing body as a charitable organization in accordance with the laws of Lithuania. In 2009 POA became a member of the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) Federation Board.
Purposes of activities of the Association are:
1. To develop the field of psychosocial oncology in Lithuania;
2. To aim to ensure better life quality for cancer patients in psychosocial field.
Targets of activities of the Association are as follows:
to concentrate strengths of all experts working with cancer patients;
to provide psychosocial services to cancer patients and their relatives as well;
to arrange professional assistance to experts working with cancer patients;
to prepare and implement projects, programs and events in field of psychosocial oncology;
to prepare and issue educational literature, periodic and single circulation publications;
to educate society, form proper provisions on urgent problems of psychosocial oncology;
to initiate and participate in research in field of psychosocial oncology.
Welcome to our Association!
Statutes of Psychosocial oncology association [PDF]
Certificate of Psychosocial oncology association [PDF]
Association of Psychosocial Oncology (POA)
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